The Impacts Of Cartoon Characters On Kids

These days when we watch Television we can find different channels booked only for a few of the specific programmes. Likewise, there are specific channels meant only for cartoon programmes. Some of them are Pogo and Cartoon Network. A cartoon is defined in the dictionary as being a 'simple drawing that shows the features of its theme in a comically exaggerated manner'. Cartoons were made from their roots as basic drawings to comical sketches in newspapers and journals during the 1800s, and more in recent times to an overstated description of human life.

Although the funny types of cartoons sketches still exist, with themes of controversies often surrounding the artist and area under discussion. The word, ‘cartoon’ was developed mainly in the end of 150 years. Cartoons earlier were often used to encourage political or social consciousness, as they would appeal to people of all levels of education with an easy message.

Cartoons were only used to convey messages to the mass with an understandable and meaningful theme.

Cartoons are now used only as a medium of entertainment and amusement, but not as any messenger. Cartoons are made with illusionary ideas, and, hence create a means of attention for the kids because children often live in a world of fascination. The tendency of watching cartoon shows in Television grows form the very age of 6 months in them and lasts up to an older age.Over the years children have become much more interested in watching cartoons in Television which is creating a negative effect in their minds. As a result, their level of maturity grows very slowly. Parents think their kids are at least not watching anything in the TV from which they can learn violence but watching cartoons is also as harmful as watching other bad stuffs in the TV.

Children watch cartoon characters hopping from a towering height, plunging and doing out of the world activities. They get encouraged by watching these sorts of stuffs and often try to do the same. These kinds of acts can be harmful for the children as it involves life risks. Cartoon characters take the kids into a flight of the imagination and make them isolated from the actual world. At last they end up being cut off from the realistic world that everybody else lives in.

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