The Comic Character 'Savita Bhabhi' and its Effect in India

 India has just emerged out of the Purdah system. This was a system of life that enforced seclusion of the women who were confined to their homes. But after 1947 and the dawn of independence women have ventured out into he world of fashion, art and other fields.

But sex still remained a taboo subject.This to an extent is broken by a new series of cartoon character developed. One of them is Savita Bhabhi, which has had an electrifying effect.

Savita Bhabhi is  a site on the net that by Indian standards is quite a revelation. It is tame by western standards, but for Indian it is a fun riot. the site has attracted millions of viewers not only from India, but from all over the world.

Comic Strip

The credit for the creation of the comic character  ‘Savita Bhabhi’  goes to a man named  Puneet Agarwal. He is a man of Indian origin, settled in England. Puneet earlier went by the name of 'Deshmukh', but now he has come into the open.The site is a cartoon strip that brings to fore the sexescapades of  young Indian ‘Bhabhi’, meaning sister in law.  The character is modern in outlook  and has a urban background. The cartoon character is well developed and identifies with secret Indian desires.

Puneet has created a character that identifies with the secret desires of a lot many Indians. The site certainly has added the mystery of India and the tales of encounters of Savita with a host of charaters from the milk man to the boy next door are of great interest to viewers.

Popularity of the Site

The sites popularity has prompted the creators and poublishers to make the tales available in other languages like Tamil and Hindi. In addition it has also made an appearance in printed form and is popular. But on going through the comics and the site on the net one can’t help feeling that the cartoon is  just good entertainment. The Government sometime back stepped in and banned the site, but it soon appeared in another garb. 

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