The Importance of Education


Today, it is a major concern as to how to improve the student’s qualities in the course of their higher or formative education. China, like many other countries in the world, adopts written or oral examination as the only way to measure the students’ schoolwork. However focusing too much on high marks, college students brought up in such an atmosphere may turn out to be graduates with flaws in character.

Some parents care about their children’s study more than anything else and a better education seems to be all that parents expect. Many of them spend most of their spare time coaching their children in studies, those who fail to do so choose to hire tutor or send their children to after-class schools. Some even try to improve their home environment or more to the community with so called prestigious schools.

The following reason helps to explain the phenomenon. More and more parents are aware that knowledge is power. They come to know that future success depends more on skills and knowledge in such competitive climate in the modern society where both losers and winners coexist and it is usually believed that children grasping better skills and more knowledge will enjoy more opportunities.

Certainly, it is good to see much of parents’ attention is paid to children’s study and education. In my opinion, however, emphasis should also be laid on fostering other abilities and personal qualities. In this way, their children will be definitely ensured not only a bright future but also a sound intellectual and mental foundation, hence a healthy life. That is to say the function of education is not merely to nourish the students with the necessary skills and knowledge to face the challenge of making a better living, but also to help them to develop as true human beings with high moral standards and comprehensive qualities to handle every potential trouble in life. They can also help to promote the development of human civilization, leaving steps as a helper in the history. This is not a wild dream, but something every student has the potential to achieve.

Therefore, besides the examination for testing the students’ academic skills, some other practical standards should be made to judge a student’s moral performance. With education on all sides being enforced, our young college students will grow up to be qualified not only in their academic but also more importantly in moral cultivation.


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