Do You Know Kids Characters from Toys They Like to Play

As is known to all, playing is the children nature and from the playing process, children begin to feel the outside world, understand the world and increase intelligence. Under such circumstance, kids toys play important role of developing children ability. Children at different psychological development states always choose the different toys. For example, babies' eyes are always attracted by the bright and colorful things around them and at the same time, they are more likely to choose the ones which can make melodious music. When children are one year old, they not only see the toys bought by their parents for them, but also want to touch the toys by their hands, they want to feel the toys' texture and temperature. When children are two or three years old, they begin to have interest in toys which can be moved and always want to touch them.

After three years old, they like to play with toys by hands with their own ways, what's more, sometimes they even damage toys because of strong curiosity.

In addition, do you know that children's psychology condition can be reflected from the favorite toys they choose, and what's more, it has a certain relationship with the children's personality development. Two examples are showed below.

Children who loves stuffed animals such as lovely stuffed snoopy dogs would be the one with abundant and delicate emotion. Stuffed toys are often all kinds of cute, soft and little animals, which can not only be treated as toys, but also the partners for children. Children can play with stuffed animals, and at the same time, they can use plush toys to vent their emotions so as to meet the emotional needs of children at different times. In addition, because of soft texture, stuffed animals play the role of comforting and stabilizing children's mood who always feel lonely, timid, and the desire to be concerned.

Children who like to play with assembling toys usually have strong curiosity and be easily attracted by things around them. At the same time, their attention on things should be longer and be more patient on things they do. When playing with assembling toys, their brain, hands and eyes should be coordinated at the same time, which can practice their operating ability and coordination skills. As usual, assembling toys are with colorful outward appearance and what's more it is safe to children to play. Therefore it is the essential kids toys for kids to develop their intelligence.

Education: The Culture Of India

“Education not only molds the new generation, but reflects a society’s fundamental assumptions about itself and the individuals which compose it”- Mahatma Gandhi. The Indian education culture exemplifies well this statement of the great Indian thinker and futurist Mahatma Gandhi. The ideal of education has been very grand, noble and high in ancient India. The aim of ancient Indian education is to impart training for the completeness of life and the molding of character of human beings for the battle of life.  In ancient times, the country was known to have been home to the oldest formal universities in the world. The world's first University was established in Takshila. Takshila University was an important Vedic and Buddhist center of learning; but it was not a well organized university like Nalanda. Nalanda University has been called one of the first great institutes in the recorded history.

It was founded in the 5th century AD by the Gupta rulers. Nalanda is one of the ancient centres of higher learning in Bihar and the term Nalanda means, Nalam which means lotus and Da means to give. When both are combined together, Nalanda means the Giver of the Lotus. Since the Lotus is supposed to represent knowledge, Nalanda means the “Giver of Knowledge”.

During the medieval period the Mughals came to India and introduced Madrasah system to the Indian educational system. In addition to that the Persian influence was quite visible in the Indian education system. Another noticeable modification took place during the British period. In this period, stress had been given to impart education to the women section of the country. The British rule during the 19th century did not take adequate measures to help develop science and technology in India, and instead focused more on arts and humanities. One of the prominent characteristics of Indian education system is its simple approach of learning. Open air classes and close relation with nature enriched Indian education and made it livelier. Visva-Bharati University, founded by the great Indian laureate Rabindranath Tagore brought another revolutionary approach to the Indian education system. Offering courses in a diverse number of subjects, this university has become an ideal centre for music, art and cultural studies in the country.

In the post colonial period, the government also has taken grave initiatives from time to time to sustain the high standard of education in the country. Globalization has also made its impact on the present day education system of India. The country is coming up with world class universities, colleges and schools that have set their own standards in the world spectrum. Apart from imparting formal education in the schools, emphasis is also given to the all round development of the children- physical, mental, spiritual and aesthetic. The Indian schools are giving ample prominence on developing a child oriented learning process in close relation with nature. So it can be said that India is imparting education that teach children to share with others, to respect other people and their culture, to preserve and not to give up, to have courage and to stand for the right.

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The Historical Character Dolls Of American Girl And Their Stories

Collecting dolls has many purposes and one of them is its educational value to children. Just like with Our Generation Dolls which taught children about the values through reading books that came with the doll, the American Girl dolls came with the product line called “Historical Characters”. The line targets children of ages eight to thirteen years old and educates them about several focal points in American history.

Each historical character has a story to tell as written in their individual books. It opens the children’s mind to delicate topics that range from war to slavery. Yet the story lines are carefully written with great sensitivity to accommodate to the young children’s level of understanding. Some of the characters that were introduced in this product line are Addy Walker, Julie Allbright and Ivy Ling, Josefina Montoya, Kaya, Mollie McIntire and Emily Bennett, Kit Kittredge and Ruthie Smithens, and Rebecca Rubin. Each of the character’s stories engage children in reading books while teaching them important values as they grow up.

Like in the story of Addy, her story is about their escape from slavery to find the rest of her family members. Another character is the Mexican girl named Josefina who grew up in 1824. Her story tells about the relationship of American traders with her family. With the books about the Nez Perce character named Kaya, her adventures tell about her struggle to follow the virtues of her hero Swan Circling after being tagged as a selfish person when she failed to compete in a race with her brothers.

Rebecca Rubin on the other hand was a 9-year old girl who grew up in 1914 in New York City. She was of Russian and Jewish descent who dreamt of becoming a known actress only to be discouraged by her family’s traditional upbringing and conservative ideas. The historical characters have several books already made for each of them. The doll characters’ adventures and interesting relationships with their family will surely make the children who read their books value their own relationships with their parents and the people around them.

Nevertheless, a more budget friendly alternative to the American Dolls is Our Generation Dolls which have the same theme and charm to the younger generation. Anyone who would like to teach a piece of history to their children can use these dolls as an education tool that will also teach them about values and manners. On the other side of the spectrum, doll collectors can

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Teaching Character Education

Who is responsible for teaching character to our society in this day and age? And even more importantly, who is responsible for teaching character to our youth? Is it the household? Is it the media or our entertainment industry? Or is it our educational system?

It seems that for far too long, a child's character education has been relegated to the confines of their household. Unfortunately, data shows us that parents are spending less and less time with their children these days. And as such, the odds that the small amount of time that parents are spending with their children is focused on conversations leading to the development of good character, are minimal.

Sadly, children are all too often left with either learning their character traits from their friends or from movies and TV. And the likelihood that they are learning any good character traits from these two sources, is indeed quite small. It is doubtful in today's world of heightened violence and instant gratification, that children are being exposed to life benefiting character education to the degree that will produce the positive results that we seek for our nation as a whole. Positive results meaning a country that doesn't come to the brink of economic collapse due to the acts of unscrupulous bankers, mortgage professionals, and politicians. Or positive results that leads to a society that doesn't unethically invade a country on false pretenses, or torture its enemies of war. Character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. And when and individual has character, we usually view them as having moral or ethical strength. Or better put, the strength to do what is right.

Therefore, if we as a society don't educate our young people on the traits of good character, or why good character is important, how can we expect that they put any value in them, or that they express those good character traits, as they become adults? It is time for us to start consciously deciding to improve our society. The best way to do this, it for us to begin formally teaching our students character at school. However, in the current education system, character building is not focused on for any core standards. Therefore, we must encourage the adoption of character education, to help students understand why it is important to have good character, and then help them to build it. This way we can all start planning for and actually expecting a more positive and more productive future as a society.

Character Education And Parenting

Why should parents to pay attention to their own character, first and foremost?

Most parents put at least a little effort into giving their kids some sort of character education. Children learn from consistency and repetition, both of what they hear and see. Anything that children learn comes from proximal development (being around what they learn) - theorist was Albert Bandura - and parental modeling of the behavior gives many years of seeing and hearing the character traits in action. Until children reach adolescence (and sometimes not even then), they are concrete and literal learners. They will not understand abstractions, such as "responsibility", "character", "integrity", but they will understand "doing the right thing" which means applying all those character education traits.

Children get to see those traits in many applications, for example honesty is in more than telling the truth as it is making sure you are charged the correct amount (more/less than shown on the register), getting the correct change back after a purchase (giving extra back), returning found items to the person you know they belong to, and dozens of other applications. The more often parents display the character traits in all settings (home, community, extended family, workplace, etc.), the more examples children have to emulate.

How can parents teach kids about character through their own actions?

Parents need to be conscious of what their character trait/values are and make sure they are consistent. It does not matter what the economic conditions are (easy money times may actually be harder to teach many of the values because it is too easy to buy one's way out of/through situations). In many ways our society has lost the work ethic (diligence, honesty, responsibility, dependability, pride in task accomplishment/completion, etc.). Perhaps these times will see a marked resurgence of demands for a work ethic in employees. If people want to have a job, they have to demonstrate qualities employers value, not what the employees are willing to do. When parents lose jobs because of their irresponsible patterns, children may learn; a better teacher would be for parents to demonstrated qualities employers want to keep.

What specific steps can adults improve ourselves if needed?

Adults need to determine what character traits are valuable (important) to them. They then need to determine how those traits appear to others. The hard part is being honest with self in a self-evaluation to determine if the individual consistently demonstrates those traits. The individual may need to become aware of how (s)he sabotages his/her intent by acting/speaking unconsciously or choosing a short-cut to accomplish a goal. The individual must determine if it is worthwhile to consistently demonstrate the desired traits; if so, then (s)he needs to act/speak according to the standards (s)he sets for the self and children (s)he is trying to teach. This process is akin to the moral inventory step of any 12 step program. It must be applied daily for it to work.

What about the saying 'do as I say, not as I do' when it comes to raising kids with solid character?

Hypocrisy is not a valued character trait. It is like lying. No one likes being lied to. The words of saying are not sufficient to wipe away the many visual opportunities to witness the adult doing the "forbidden" behavior. Kids will ignore the hypocrite and determine their own values (most likely not what the adult is advocating verbally)

Character Education Programs

Character is an important part of social life of every person and special attention has to be made to maintain it amongst the young generation. Character education programs are something that is incorporated into the syllabus of most public and private schools. The young generation, at present is under the influence of a large number of various cultures. As a result, youngsters of the Indian society are finding it hard to hold on their true characters. Behaving in public and in private are two very different things.

Some schools have psychologists as part of character education curriculum. These specially trained individuals play a significant role in defining the character of a student through repeated counselling procedures. Some youngsters have been found to have drifted away from normal life and forgotten social obligations due to family related problems. In these cases, the role of psychologists is indispensable. These programs are very efficient in building up a stronger and better young generation. Such curriculums have been known to bring back drifted individuals to the right paths in life.

The darkest aspects of human civilizations are crimes. And where do criminals end up? Jails... But, all criminals are not bad. Many have been forced to take up a life of crime due to certain social or economic compulsions. Whatever be the case, they must be brought back to mainstream life. And, the government needs to do its bit to promote character education programs in jails. If we are able to light up these dark minds, then we will surely be successful in building a crime free society. So, special vocational courses for prison inmates have to be arranged so that they can forget their miseries and enjoy a colourful life.

As we come towards the concluding section, we can easily draw out that character education curriculum is not something that remains strictly restricted to schools or educational institutes. Even grown up individuals need help and support to enrich their characters and face problems in a braver way. A person who has recently met an accident may become cowardice. But, with proper counselling, his character may be given a new shape so that he can look at life from a different point of view. Whatever be the case, these special types of programs form the backbone of the educated society and are here to play a major role in shaping our lives and future.

The Comic Character 'Savita Bhabhi' and its Effect in India

 India has just emerged out of the Purdah system. This was a system of life that enforced seclusion of the women who were confined to their homes. But after 1947 and the dawn of independence women have ventured out into he world of fashion, art and other fields.

But sex still remained a taboo subject.This to an extent is broken by a new series of cartoon character developed. One of them is Savita Bhabhi, which has had an electrifying effect.

Savita Bhabhi is  a site on the net that by Indian standards is quite a revelation. It is tame by western standards, but for Indian it is a fun riot. the site has attracted millions of viewers not only from India, but from all over the world.

Comic Strip

The credit for the creation of the comic character  ‘Savita Bhabhi’  goes to a man named  Puneet Agarwal. He is a man of Indian origin, settled in England. Puneet earlier went by the name of 'Deshmukh', but now he has come into the open.The site is a cartoon strip that brings to fore the sexescapades of  young Indian ‘Bhabhi’, meaning sister in law.  The character is modern in outlook  and has a urban background. The cartoon character is well developed and identifies with secret Indian desires.

Puneet has created a character that identifies with the secret desires of a lot many Indians. The site certainly has added the mystery of India and the tales of encounters of Savita with a host of charaters from the milk man to the boy next door are of great interest to viewers.

Popularity of the Site

The sites popularity has prompted the creators and poublishers to make the tales available in other languages like Tamil and Hindi. In addition it has also made an appearance in printed form and is popular. But on going through the comics and the site on the net one can’t help feeling that the cartoon is  just good entertainment. The Government sometime back stepped in and banned the site, but it soon appeared in another garb. 

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Top 10 Disney Characters

Over the years there have been many Disney characters that have made us laugh and cry. Disney is well known for a number of different staples, and selecting the list of the ten best can be difficult. Whether you agree or disagree the following characters have stolen hearts for a long time, and are among the best animated characters of all time.

# 10 Ariel

This classic character wanted to breakout from the world she was trapped in and explore what was beyond the sea. Brilliantly drawn and well voiced, we grew to love the misfit mermaid that would end up becoming a queen. She also proved to be an important character as she reignited the Disney powerhouse during a time when they were cooling off to other animated films.

# 9 Donald Duck

He's angry and has a bad attitude, but his heart is genuine gold. Over the years people have had a difficult relationship with the most loved talking duck.

He has adorned many cartoons from the early days and is still a popular cast character at all the Disney locations. With his blue shirt and yellow beak there is no doubt he is among the best.

# 8 Belle

This character was the daughter of a scientist that chose to give her place to save her father when he was captured. Her true heart and good nature won over the heart of a beast, and taught the world that true love comes from somewhere deeper than the skins.

# 7 Tinkerbelle

A feisty fairy that isn't scared to cause a little mischief, and she quickly grew into one of the most popular Disney characters today. With her golden shine, she circles the castle at the start of every Disney movie and remains a true friend to Peter Pan.

# 6 Cinderella

After her father died, Cinderella found herself trapped among her evil stepmother and stepsisters.

Doing the laundry list of chores daily, she couldn't imagine what fate had in store for her. With some friendly mice and a pumpkin loving Fairy Godmother, she instantly became a beloved character from all Disney fans.

# 5 Peter Pan

The boy that never grew up took the hearts of children all over the world when he came out. In his green tights he flies through the sky giving children a lesson about how we can try and stay the same always, but even the young at heart will grow in kindness one day.

# 4 Alice in Wonderland

Going through mad tea parties and facing a Red Queen, you would think her tale was one of madness. But this little girl that fell down the rabbit hole into Wonderland quickly learned that we are all heroes even in our dreams. With a little faith and the friendship of others no task is impossible. Not even when it comes to facing the Jabberwocky.

# 3 Minnie Mouse

The female version of Mickey, Minnie Mouse gave us our first beloved female cartoon character. In the early days she played the girl needing rescuing, but as time progressed she changed along with it, and became an important part of Mickey's life along with the millions of Disney fans as well.

# 2 Winnie the Pooh

This cuddly honey lover has captured the hearts of millions with his timeless story and gentle nature. When you visit the Disney theme parks he is all over their merchandise and there are rides that have been dedicated to him. He is easily among the most recognizable characters and one that people have grown to love more as time goes on.

# 1 Mickey Mouse

Without Mickey, there would be no Disney. He was the first and most beloved cartoon character that was created, and was voiced by Walt Disney himself. For decades he has given children something to laugh and cheer about, while touching hearts and making us young again each time we see him. This easily makes Mickey Mouse number one for many people.

Disney has created some of the most brilliant and beloved characters of all time. Because there are so many, having just ten to choose from it is a difficult task. But these are certainly among the best that Disney has to offer.

Character LCD - A Few Things You Ought To Keep In Mind

Are you interested in learning more about the character LCD? Would you like some more basic information? Are you interested in purchasing an item that utilizes a character LCD screen? Many people are now purchasing items that incorporate this great technology, and there are a lot of things that you should definitely keep in mind when you are purchasing your own items. This article will briefly discuss some of the elements that you might want to consider when it comes to the subject of the character LCD. If you are in fact interested in this very subject, you will certainly want to continue reading this brief and informative article.

Personally, I have had a great experience with my basic 16X2 character LCD and I have found that it is a very efficient display that suits all of my needs as well as my requirements. If you are to do the same, you will need to make sure that you have a clear idea of what exactly you will be utilizing the character LCD for.

Are you going to be purchasing an item which incorporates this kind of screen for your office? Are you going to be buying an item that incorporates this kind of screen for your home? It may be important to make that distinction as it may impact what type of item you end up purchasing.

Before you make any purchases related to this kind of display, you will want to make certain that you read thoroughly any product descriptions or product review that you can find. A product description will tell you everything you need to know. For example, if you are purchasing a 16x2 character LCD, you will learn everything you need to know from reading the product description. Does this particular display utilize the HD44780 parallel interface chipset as is most common? Does this particular display utilize the also common black text on a green background? These are all important things that you might want to consider.

Reading product reviews from other customers is a great plan also. When you read these reviews, you will learn about other people's experiences with this kind of display and that may impact any decision that you will end up making. Did they have a positive experience? Did they have a negative experiences? What are the strengths of the this kind of display? What are the weaknesses of this kind of display? You will be able to learn all of this and more if you just do a little bit of research, and you will find that it is well worth it.

When it comes to the character LCD, you can never be too educated or too prepared. You should certainly find out everything you can before you make any purchases or any decisions in general regarding a character LCD. If you keep the above points in mind, you will surely be in great shape when you are searching for a suitable character LCD display.

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The Role of Gender Education in School

Earlier women were only described to have a role for family maintenance and men were described to have public role.  The characters of women are different from the character of men.  The women characters are always vulnerable, indecisive and devotees whereas the characters of men are aggressive, brave, strong and powerful. With this character the duty given to women is household works.

Women also have the capability to perform multiple tasks like taking care of a child, as a wife, member of the society and as an individual who has talents to grow. Even if they are involved in the corporate world, they do not abandon their domestic role. The multiple roles will not create any problem for them unless they don’t limit their chance to build a vital role in the family, society, and in their nation.  Unfortunately, the differentiation of roles between both sexes which is strengthens and included in educational institutions.

Earlier, in the teaching process, the schools also gave different treatment to both sexes, which are often caused the girls/women not optimally improved.

The education in primary schools and kindergartens hold an important role in developing children’s mindset in their formative years. In this phase children have good memory power that last for long. At this juncture, children are very sensible in recording the things such as in the form of speech, pictures and non verbal communication. In the initial stage boys and girls are any aspect of life and next, they become the generation who are respect to the equality of boys and girls or men and women. The school is the quintessential way to teach children besides the family and the society.

The school is meant to be the haven where people respect the equality of boys and girls in any aspect of life. All staff of the schools including teachers, school committee/school boards, and school policies, learning tools/books, and learning process should perform in gender equality perspective. All girls and boys learn in a different way and they have different mode of understanding. It is understood that some boys would rather read a book than play football and some would play football rather than playing with the barbies.Educators who understand these differences can inspire every child to learn to the best of her or his ability. Educator should not create any gender difference as education is same for everyone. believes that education is most powerful weapon which can be used to change the society. Education and society go hand in hand. A better society can be accomplished by imparting better education. believes that better education can also be obtained through the best schools. To serve this purpose OSA has contributed its effort to let parents choose the Nursery schools and apply to them accordingly. OSA not only allows them to choose the best school but also helps them to fill the application form and send it to the particular school online and wait for the call for the interview of the child.

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The Importance of Education


Today, it is a major concern as to how to improve the student’s qualities in the course of their higher or formative education. China, like many other countries in the world, adopts written or oral examination as the only way to measure the students’ schoolwork. However focusing too much on high marks, college students brought up in such an atmosphere may turn out to be graduates with flaws in character.

Some parents care about their children’s study more than anything else and a better education seems to be all that parents expect. Many of them spend most of their spare time coaching their children in studies, those who fail to do so choose to hire tutor or send their children to after-class schools. Some even try to improve their home environment or more to the community with so called prestigious schools.

The following reason helps to explain the phenomenon. More and more parents are aware that knowledge is power. They come to know that future success depends more on skills and knowledge in such competitive climate in the modern society where both losers and winners coexist and it is usually believed that children grasping better skills and more knowledge will enjoy more opportunities.

Certainly, it is good to see much of parents’ attention is paid to children’s study and education. In my opinion, however, emphasis should also be laid on fostering other abilities and personal qualities. In this way, their children will be definitely ensured not only a bright future but also a sound intellectual and mental foundation, hence a healthy life. That is to say the function of education is not merely to nourish the students with the necessary skills and knowledge to face the challenge of making a better living, but also to help them to develop as true human beings with high moral standards and comprehensive qualities to handle every potential trouble in life. They can also help to promote the development of human civilization, leaving steps as a helper in the history. This is not a wild dream, but something every student has the potential to achieve.

Therefore, besides the examination for testing the students’ academic skills, some other practical standards should be made to judge a student’s moral performance. With education on all sides being enforced, our young college students will grow up to be qualified not only in their academic but also more importantly in moral cultivation.


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21st century education

Education is one of the most crucial aspects of a human being. Education is best defined as learning which has significant outcomes on the aptitude level of the individual, help in formation of individual character and somatic ability either child or adult or behavioral conduct between two or more human beings. The notion of 21st century education may be a nonfigurative and an inventive idea till now.  The perceptual experiences of the entities are still having a confidence or faith in previous century’s process of learning, although, modern technologies have done spellbound wonderments.  Therefore the main objective of this education is to alter the older learning and perceptions.  A common belief regarding the education is that if anyone wants to reach zenith of the success he should possess modern education.  This kind of education symbolizes a new movement and a prospect.

There are few points to be considered about what kind of cognition approach and abilities will offer more aid to the learners in the near future:-

• Education emphasizing technical or professional training will provide more opportunities to reach the zenith of the success.

• Enhance the student’s skills that have more interests towards traditional subjects like math, language art, science etc.

For instance, introducing advanced mathematics’ courses.

• Simultaneously, to procure success in both the terms their personal lives and in the professional lives, students must be aware about how to utilize what they have acquired while education process and how to deal with actual challenges of the world. etc

The various skills involved in 21st century education is learned in the course of our program of study, which is characterized by participation of two or more fields of study, unified, task-based etc. The characteristics of 21st century education are problem solving & critical thinking; association around the networks; legerity and adaptableness; initiatory and enterprising; efficacious spoken and Written Communication; retrieving and evaluating information and imagination & curiosity. Automation, Globalization, corporate changes, demographics and risk and responsibilities are the major forces which reshape the skills of the individual.

In 21st century the definitions of school, teacher and students has been changed. Schools in 21st century have been moved forward from building to informational center, involving two way communications between teachers & learners. Role of teacher has been alters from information supplier to developing thinking process of a student’s. By using 21st century education techniques student of 21st century develop the interests in education and come to know how to turn the acquired knowledge into wisdom.

Creating Character Education In Schools

Character education in schools is where most children will probably develop their character. To paraphrase one educator, character education in schools is making a concentrated effort to advance beneficial qualities that are both good for the person or child and also for society in general. So if the child cannot get these qualities in the home then they will have to acquire them elsewhere.

Most schools do not have a class that specifically addresses a developing character education in schools. Of course there are books that can be assigned that suggest character development or where the story line is about a child or children who overcome all odds and due to their implicit character of perseverance or courage make it through a rough patch of life. These types of childrens books used to be quite normal but this has changed just as a childs life has changed.

It seems that a childs life used to be simple. They had to go to school during the week and to church on Sunday. But they were expected to respect their parents no matter what. They were also expected to respect their teachers and any other person in a position of authority. Television before MTV had a lot of shows that also were about family values. So a child watching television would see what is expected of them. They would be able to view other values on the television. But today there is so much violence both on the television and also on the computer in the form of computer games or games on other hand held devices that a child sees a different reality then children did decades ago. Sometimes this other reality is what the child then chooses to use as their own personal reality. Unless they have somewhere else to change this view of reality they may not ever develop true character. The type of character most parents would be proud to say that their children had developed.

This is the type of character that will affirm the human dignity. It will make the person feel they are a happy individual that will also be willing and able to serve a common good of all people. They will also understand that they want to be treated fairly and they will want to treat all others fairly also.

So where does this child learn these things? Hopefully at home but generally this will not be the case. So it is left up to teacher to teach these children about character. There are many curriculums that are available as resources online that would assist a teacher in preparing lessons. However few teachers are equipped to teach character development because they are not taught how to do so when they received their teaching credentials. They will have to reach out to other schools or educators to try to learn this new skill that is required of them. There are the resources available to them and if they want their students to succeed they will find them.

Character Education Teaching to Sense the Power of your Heart

Character educators or counselors should teach their students to sense the power of one's heart through Character education. This will enable each kid to grow into perfect human being who loves others and also who is being loved by all. The inside of your body is an accurate map of our solar system and the universe. Your heart is the sun and the center of your body system. Your organs are the planets, and just as the planets depend on the sun to remain in balance and harmony, so do all the organs in your body rely on your heart to remain in balance and harmony. Let us discuss how teachers can educate their children and make them understand the power of love and being loved through Character Education.

Scientists at the Institute of HeartMath in California have shown that feeling love, gratitude, and appreciation in your heart boosts your immune system; increases vital chemical production; increases physical vitality and vigor; reduces stress hormone levels, high blood pressure, anxiety, guilt, and suffer exhaustion; and improves glucose regulation in diabetics.

Feelings of love also create a higher degree of harmony in the rhythm of your heart. HeartMath has shown that the Magnetic field of the heart is 5,000 times more powerful than the magnetic field of the brain, and reaches out several feet from our body.

Other scientists are trying to alter our understanding of the affect of love on our health, through experiments with water. What does water have to do with health? Your body is made up of 70% of water! The inside of your skull is 80% water!

Researches conducted in Japan, Russia, India, and the United States have discovered that when water is exposed to positive words and feelings such as love and gratitude, not only the energy level of the water increases, the structure of the water itself changes, making it perfectly harmonious. A higher positive feeling makes the water become more harmonious. And when it is exposed to negative emotions like hate, the energy level of the water decreases, and a frenzied change occurs, negatively affecting the structure of the water.

If human emotions can change the structure of water, can you imagine what your feelings are doing to the health of your body? The center of every cell is water, and each cell is completely surrounded by a layer of water. Can you imagine the impact of love and gratitude on your body? Can you imagine the power of love and gratitude to restore health? When you feel love, your love affects the water of the 100 trillion cells in your body!

Teach your students through Character education, to use the power of love for perfect health. To receive the health you want and love, you must give love! In the face of any sickness, give good feelings about health, because only love brings perfect health. You cannot give bad feelings about sickness and receive health. If you hate or fear a disease, you will be giving out bad feelings, and disease can never go away through bad feelings. When you give thoughts and feelings of what you want, your cells receive the full force of health. When you give negative thoughts and feelings of what you don't want, the force of health to your cell reduces! It doesn't matter if you feel bad about a subject that has nothing to do with your health; when you feel bad, you reduce the force of health to your body. But when you feel love for anything – for a sunny day, new house, friend, or promotion – you body receives the full force of health.

Academic instruction isn't the only responsibility teachers have in today's classrooms. More and more, teachers are being called on to teach students about values ... things like making good decisions, the showing of respect, taking responsibility, choosing friends, and having a positive attitude.  It's a responsibility that could be overwhelming, considering the limited hours available in a school day, the number of kids in the classroom, and the diversity of backgrounds and personalities each child represents.

Character Education by Just Do The Right Thing" is a practical and powerful tool that equips educators to tackle values training with confidence.

By: Francis David

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