Personal Character & Forex

When it comes to personal character, trading Forex requires two main qualities. You have to be able to self-govern and you have to be able to keep going even after you experience loss. Many people are actually devastated by the Forex market. They start out too eager and they lose everything they have.

The CFTC has recently passed laws to restrict Forex in the US because they believe that all beginner Forex traders are unsophisticated. They know that they tend to lose large amounts of money early on in their careers. However, statistics also prove that you can be winner in Forex. You have to have the right experience and you have to know how to govern yourself.

During the month of January 2010, a list of brokers reported large percentages of traders were successful trading Forex. This wasn’t just a fluke in the typical trading reports. This was just an example of how many people are commonly winning in Forex. MBTrading reported that 47% of their traders made money that month and IBFX reported that 46% of their traders made money. FXDD reported that 45% of their traders made money and reported that 43% made money.

In fact, in January 2010, EUR/USD was the most profitable currency pair for the month with 51% of traders making money on that currency pair. ( You don’t have to be much better than average to make money in Forex. You just have to be able to control yourself and learn from your mistakes. Of course, the numbers are much worse for beginners because the mistakes they make tend to knock them out of the game early on. If they hang in there, those same mistakes tend to turn them into experienced traders.

Think about a professional athlete. Great football players don’t become great by sitting on the bench or hanging out in the locker room. They get out on the field and they learn to take their hits. They learn to govern their behavior and to “huddle up” after they have taken a hit. Forex is similar to a sport because you have to have two qualities to be a success. You have to be able to perform well and you have to be able to keep going, even after you have lost a big game.

Experience is the thing that Forex beginners need the most. Practice as many tested strategies as you can find and see if they actually work. Sometimes these strategies won’t work but other times they will. Through a series of practice and failure, a beginner will eventually learn when the best times to trade are and when are the best times to sit and wait. They will also learn what the best amounts for trading are on their account and how much to risk at any particular time.

Nobody can ever tell another trader what is best for them because everyone is different. You will learn how to trade Forex differently than others and things that may seem superficial and easy to one trader may be the most difficult and profound lessons for you. Here are some tried and true strategies that aren’t going to work every time. They will require practice to learn them and more practice to perfect them. Even after they have been perfected, there will still be times when they won’t work and this will be one of the most important things you will need to face in the Forex market as you learn to pick yourself up from the tough tackles and get back onto the field!

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Endorsing the Evaluation of the School's Character Education Program

Character education is the intentional efforts a school takes to promote students' understanding of, capacity to critically reason about, motivation for, and ability to act in accordance with ethical values and principles. Character education is ultimately a matter of school reform. Therefore it requires committed leadership and takes multiple years to accomplish. In truth, character education is a journey that is ongoing. Leadership changes, children graduate, and teachers retire or relocate. Each year brings a new opportunity for the school to recommit to the development of good character in all members of a school community. Without the active support of school and district leadership, and without the patience and commitment of school teachers and administrators to stay the course, character education is much less likely to be effectively implemented.

The stakes for character education are high, our nation depends on it.

Effective Character Education endorses the evaluation of the school's character education program and it’s supporting school community. The growing body of empirical research on the effectiveness of character education has shown that some character education is quite effective and some is not. Schools need to understand that not all attempts at promoting character education are likely to be successful and that what works elsewhere may not work in their unique setting. Therefore it is important for schools to evaluate whether they are actually implementing character education (not all good intentions lead to productive results) and, if they are, whether it is having a positive effect.

Posey, Davidson, and Korpi offer excellent guidance on how to decide on, plan, and implement the various forms of evaluation for character education in schools. It is beyond the scope of this chapter to review what they suggest. Instead, we offer a few major points. First, plan well in advance so that meaningful baseline data are collected. Second, feed data back to the school to improve practice. Third, be sure to use evaluative methods that have an evidence base; i.e., for which there is a scientifically justifiable body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of the methods selected.

In reflecting on character education, Peter Yarrow argues that "though it may sound calamitous to some, and for others these words will resonate as a wake-up call, I believe that such work might be decisive in determining, not only the future well-being of our world, but ... the survival of everything we value in our society and of society itself".

By: Francis David

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How Education Helps To Make Creative Mind

In today’s world an uneducated society is considered to be an uncivilized one. Education is the wide experience which has influential effect on mind, character or physical ability. It is the way through which society convey it knowledge, skills, and values from one generation to another. It is the procedure by which idle man is changed into creative. Women also get educated and that their children will be too. It is quite very simple for an individual to put in plain words the significance of education, but it needs full strength of mind to apply in one’s life.

One can only use their education if they are educated enough. Like knife becomes blunt when it is regularly used, in the same way our intelligence also gets sharper when we gather different information and educate ourselves. Education teaches us many aspects such as, how to make us presentable to stand in the same queue with rest of the world.

And even how to make relations with others, especially friends. Teachers give us instances or tell many stories to be aware of the depth of any topic. Education helps us manifest our inherent genius. If we turn over the pages of history, we will come across a number of genius minds who has set the history of the time. Education in not only limited to basic academics but it gives full fledged training on every aspect of life through different subject.

If you really want to know the effect of education, you better make a comparison between an educated man with an uneducated one and you will be able to make out the difference pretty easily.  The difference would be as similar as of dawn and dusk because it makes the personality of an individual. Through education only a man can receive information from the external humanity, to notify with past and receive all essential information concerning the present. A schools i the place which provides with cognitive atmosphere to the kids so that this special kids can brush up their intelligence. These school offer special classes on different subject and activities so that children can find a platform to furnish their qualities.

Thus, if you are looking for a school to admit your kid, that teaches other disciplines as well as provide a friendly teaching to the kids and helping them to deal with various personal issues as well. Then, Onlineschooladmissions is the appropriate zone for you. Onlineschooladmissions is a site that introduces you to numerous schools and helps you to find a perfect school for your kids that will prove to be beneficial for them and can also get the chance to learn a number of other disciplines.  An online admission agent, we do everything for you right from giving you a choice of schools in India through our online school directory to scheduling an interview for your child from a number of schools. Admissions couldn’t get easier, but then, that’s because OSA understands parental woes that crop up during admission and is dedicated to ease the load off your shoulders.

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An excellent character, Shibley Rahman

Shibley Rahman was born on June 18th, 1974 in London. He's an instructional, entrepreneur and neuroscientist. He is a trainer of distance learning. He has experience within the neuropsychology of neurodegeneration. He has also interests on the whole drugs, legislation of mental property, ethics and spreading awareness on incapacity issues. His father was a profitable common practitioner who practiced close to Brighton for about thirty years. He was awarded Queen's Scholar at a school in London named Westminster. He studied Medical and Veterinary Sciences in the University of Cambridge and secured the second highest marks and top quality honors degree.

He was also awarded a scholarship by his University. He accomplished medical coaching and the M.B./PhD. course on cognitive deficits in the dementias. He passed the examination in Royal School of Physicians and became life help provider in cardiac arrests. He developed curiosity in neurology on an early stage in his training. In his analysis he found that Methylphenidate can ameliorate threat-taking abnormal habits and Paroxetine does not improve the symptoms in front temporal dementia.

Shibley Rahman was suffering from an alcohol syndrome and has also been treated for meningitis. He was efficiently resuscitated by a cardiac arrest and is in a technique of recovery from alcoholism. He was elected for the encouragement in the Commerce, Arts and Entrepreneurship by the Royal Society. He was also elected for membership within the Society of Biology in London where the members are required to have a postgraduate diploma in Organic Science. He's also a member of European Medical Writers Association and has written two books on medical education.

He was the director of an web based mostly company and a member of the Institute of Directors and European Medical Writers' Association. His key interest from his research has been the behavior of entrance temporal dementia. He was active in social media and a supporter of UK Labour Party. He is very fascinated by neuroethics and a member of the World Neuroethics Society.

A personal success of Shibley Rahman in recovery from alcoholism and severe illness is an inspiration for others. He explains that the professional body should support the sick doctors. He's a lot motivated by research in dementia. His seminal paper can be found on the Brain website. He post research information on dementia and provide reviews on books and movies associated to dementia. He is the Director of the corporate Legislation and Drugs Restricted. He enjoys cooking also and love each old and new films. He is about to commence a full time two-year MBA in London. He has an incredible character that conjures up and motivates others to work for the welfare of the society.

Importance of 3D in education

Mostly all industries used 3D Molders. The movie industry which uses the 3d animation to created character & entity for real life motion pictures. Medical sector

Used it to create detailed models of organs. For Engineering it is used for to invent new devices.  3d object also utilized  for films, games. Over the last few decades 3d animation touches every aspect of life.  One of most which remain untouchable is education sector, the classrooms uses the same chalk and blackboard, teachers found no change in their teaching style. They use same text books, a packed classroom with same Style of teaching.

But now in education sector a drastic change taking place, most 3D animation company taking part to make classes more smart & attractive.

The concept of smart classes in which they use 3d animation to educate the students. Smart class is transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools. It's a new age technology movement that is fast becoming an imperative for schools. Soon it will touch every class and every progressive school in India. Over 4500 schools has already been adopted this concept.

These companies have partnership with most established 3d animation companies in the world. The 3d animation company taking care of the animated part. They almost cover all subjects like English, Maths, Science, Social Science & also Math guru concept which is the replacement of Maths Lab.

 Science experinecements are show through this 3D animation. The 3d animation company used thousands of highly animated lesson specific, 3d & 2d multimedia modules that allow the teachers to effectively explain the lessons in the classrooms. 3D animation company also provide a large repository of 3D animated modules and videos mapped to school curriculum through its exclusive partnership with established education company, Designate and Discovery.

These companies provide all help to the schools to built the infrastructure of the smart

Class. They provide hardware engineering for helping the schools if they get any technical problems, they provide training classes to the existing staff.

At home, Students can access the content through Online, a portal dedicated to provide the smart class schools with a 360 degree learning experience. The smart class system includes a virtual school, where parents, teachers and students can communicate with each other. Teachers can upload assignments for students to download, and make available important information for parents to view.

No doubt with the help of 3d & 2d modules the students get a clear concept of the topics

Of their subjects. With help of this new technology the education become easier for students as well for teachers. This era of technology really helps the education industry.

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The Educators Are Coming! The Educators Are Coming!

Summary: Never Mind the Barbarians Outside the Gates. What About the Ones Inside?


Ever since history began, there were always bad guys trying to smash through the gates. Sometimes the barbarians had a bigger army or greater cunning; but by common agreement barbarians are always the less civilized, the less educated. They were the outsiders, rude and crude, trying to pull down temples of wisdom they did not value or understand.

Goths and Vandals, Visigoths and Huns, Mongols and Vikings--they showed up on your borders and you knew hell was upon you.

In the 20th century, the West viewed the Communists as the new barbarians. A movie made in 1966--The Russians Are Coming -- exactly captured the paranoia, the fear, the terror, that these Asiatic barbarians would swoop down on our society and destroy it.

Well, weve still got enemies outside the gate.

But I worry that the most dangerous people we have to deal with today are already inside the gates. They live amongst us, eating in our restaurants, strolling along our sidewalks, occupying positions of power and responsibility, pretending to be more or less like us. Indeed, the crucial differences are hidden in the mental chemistry, the ideological DNA. These invaders resemble us, but they seem not to be human, not in the usual way. They are like the pod people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. And like the pod people, they seem determined to convert humans into empty shells.

How do they accomplish this? With battle axes and catapults? No, nothing so brutely physical. With massed armies? No, nothing so overtly militaristic. Will they burn books? No, nothing so obvious.

Their weapons will be subtle and sinuous, like a good sophistry. They will make the content inside the books unreachable and unknowable. Much like the Director in Brave New World, they will remove oxygen from our brains until most people are a Delta or an Epsilon, menial workers who do not need to decipher words on a page.

Huxley predicted a cold technological future: And this, said the Director, is the Fertilizing Room....After which they are sent down to the Embryo Store...We decant our babies as socialized human beings, as Alphas, or Epsilons, as future sewage workers or....future world controllers....Nothing like oxygen-shortage for keeping an embryo below par. Again he rubbed his hands.

Oxygen-shortage? Now that is subtle. You never know it happened. If you do, you dont care.

(With Controllers and Directors, were talking about the people at the very top, the most powerful commissars, the elite educators. Not teachers, of course; they have little power. On an internet forum, I noticed people arguing about the propriety of a state superintendent receiving a salary of 0,000. A minor administrative position, you might suppose; one that could be eliminated with scant loss to students or society. But perhaps you need to pay people 0,000 if their main duty is limiting oxygen.)

The oxygen, in our case, is the ability to read, write and do simple arithmetic, skills which must be diminished. Oxygen is knowledge and information, assets which must be kept rudimentary. Oxygen is tradition and character, intangibles which must be diluted and drained away until they are no longer recognizable. Oxygen is everything that, in 1900, was accepted as defining human-ness. That everything is the target of our new barbarians.

In 1983, A Nation At Risk, a prestigious government report concluded that public schools seemed to have been designed by an unfriendly foreign power.Note: Unfriendly. Foreign. Power. See, the barbarians had already arrived more than 30 years ago. They hid among us, pretending to be engaged in education but chiefly concerned with conquest, subduing us with social engineering and spirit-warping sophistries, producing ever more faux-education and anti-intellectualism, rendering the country dumb and dumber.

Their tactics were civilized and refined. And so silent. They know which is the superior race. They are. They know we are the barbarians in our own land. And thus they should inherit the earth, our earth. Its only fair.

Why else would we yield without a fight? Everyone knows thedirge of decline: 50 million functional illiterates, a million dyslexics, falling SAT scores, the Jaywalking people who seem to know nothing, falling national competitiveness, high school graduates who cant read the diploma. Our brains must have been starved.

The Russians are coming! We get used to this phrase. We think that the barbarians are outside and will some day invade. No, our barbarians invaded long ago and live right here...

Or so you might suppose if you study the public schools.

(For related analysis, see 38: Saving Public Schools and 41: Educators, O. J.Simpson, and Guilt on


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Youth Sports Build Character

Not every four-year-recent kid who steps up to the tee for his first crack at batting features a vision of turning into the subsequent Major League Baseball star. Even the young athletes who excel face an almost impossible feat if their goal is to become pros. A quick Google search I did for "Odds of turning into a skilled athlete" turned up a lesson set up for Utah academics to demonstrate to grade college students that they can not moderately expect to become skilled athletes, so they'd higher focus on academics. The stats show a sobering .03% (that is 3 in every 10,000) of high college basketball players will create the cut at the professional level. The numbers are similar for women's basketball (.02%), football (.09%), baseball (0.5%), and men's soccer (.08%). Thus why waste the time and cash enrolling your boy on that recreation league basketball team? After all, it's nearly a certain thing your retirement isn't going to possess something to try and do with the negotiations of a sports agent representing your boy or lady in the next twenty years.

Okay, the purpose may be a very little exaggerated. Most oldsters likely don't expect their kids to try and do abundant additional with sports than to own fun at the park or the gym whereas providing a worthwhile diversion for the family. But, there is a minimum of one vital reason why even those with not-thus-athletically inclined offspring ought to encourage their youngsters to put down the remote management and get in the game: Youth sports build character. Lessons learned in the neighborhood battlefield will have perpetual meaning to children who keep on with the sport, even it it's simply for a season or two.

I keep in mind my first try at pitching. My dad was the coach of our 9- and 10-year-old "Cub League" baseball team. During a game in which our pitching broke down in the center of an inning, I asked my dad if I might provide it a shot. He obliged. The subsequent thirty minutes saw a kid with no talent (perhaps "recent talent" would be a softer description) throw ball once ball into the dirt whereas the opposite team walked batter after batter round the bases. That would be my last chance to pitch for some time. My dad told me I would not be allowed close to the pitcher's mound till I proved to him that I may throw a strike consistently. Over the next few weeks, I spent hours learning how to regulate my accuracy. I watched at least some half of the Atlanta Braves (my favorite MLB team at the time) games in all probability three to four times a week, and I observed their pitchers' mechanics. I tested a book regarding pitching from the native library, and I scan about pitching fundamentals as they'd been refined over the years. The tip result was a spot in the pitching lineup for my Cub League team, which led eventually to a successful pitching career in Very little League, Babe Ruth, and high school baseball.

The moral to my baseball story is that sports provide an avenue for youth to find out important lessons about life. Discipline is developed by a young soccer player who learns to coordinate her feet to dribble a soccer ball. I recently witnessed my eight-year-recent nephew's courage level move up a few notches as he stepped onto the wrestling mat to take on a formidable opponent two years older than him. He lost badly, however he fought valiantly, and he gained confidence in himself despite not winning the gold medal. In an exceedingly world where entitlement and hand-outs are becoming an excessive amount of the norm, healthy participation in sports by youngsters and adolescents together with encouragement from parents and coaches teach lessons about perseverance and achievement. A child who grows up with a mindset to induce make a copy each time he gets knocked down can learn to thrive and compete even amidst setbacks and recurring disappointments.

There can be a aspect to participating in youth sports that may not so pleasant. Most soccer moms have seen the parent who drives his kid to win in the slightest degree costs. There continually looks to be the guy who hounds coaches and refs whereas pushing his boy to accomplish what he himself should have fallen short of. Coping with those types will be a lesson in itself in handling adversity and being diplomatic as long as you do not allow your kid to be subjected to any kind of abuse in those instances.

Positive, some of the character traits folks hope to instill in their youngsters can be developed through alternative courses. Music, education, and hobbies have a lot to offer. But, there's one thing distinctive concerning having to physically exert one's self as required by most sports. Parents, get your children out of the house this summer, and facilitate them gain an appreciation for working hard and striving for a goal by adding them to the roster of 1 your local recreation leagues.

Character Education Onus Lies on Teachers

Character education involves teaching of values and virtues that enables each student to mature themselves as dutiful citizens. Character education instructs students to live life positively. neighbors and communities. It helps a kid to instill the core values in life helping him/ her to grow up to be a well educated, sensible and respectful citizen. These fundamental morals and ethics are based on esteem, honesty, integrity, righteousness and character development. Any child's determining years are spent in school rather than at home. Therefore, character education programs and activities conducted in schools will contribute to positively influencing a kid's future and career effectively.

By instilling the seeds of strong moral and ethical integrity in a kid, character education programs and activities can do wonders. These programs and campaigns should be broad enough to focus on a variety of qualities and virtues that can contribute effectively to build character in kids.

Schools can instigate character education to the normal curriculum in a many ways.

Teachers should make use of meetings conducted in their class rooms as a strong and efficient means to focus on moral virtues among their students. Teachers should encourage students to discuss and address certain hands-on experiences. They should also entertain students to discuss about their feelings and their perception on others. While discussing these issues during a class meeting, it is advisable to keep Character education as a guide. These interactions among students and with teachers' will definitely help to respect and regard each other with self-esteem.

Teachers and counselors who conduct above character education programs and campaigns can also instill social skills in their students and make them understand and learn about life skills. These skills definitely help each and every student to deal with a composed and balanced approach and face any type of situation that life may bring. Teachers and school administrators can devise many character education programs that bring about positive personality development in a kid making them a more mature and compassionate individual.

Teachers should take the onus of teaching character education to their students since such programs or activities cannot be performed at home or due to the lack of right techniques to execute them. To conclude, I'm reiterating the fact that it is the responsibility of teachers, parents and the community itself to train, and develop a kid to become a socially respectable and responsible citizen of this country.

Academic instruction isn't the only responsibility teachers have in today's classrooms. More and more, teachers are being called on to teach students about values ... things like making good decisions, the showing of respect, taking responsibility, choosing friends, and having a positive attitude.  It's a responsibility that could be overwhelming, considering the limited hours available in a school day, the number of kids in the classroom, and the diversity of backgrounds and personalities each child represents.

Character Education by Just Do The Right Thing" is a practical and powerful tool that equips educators to tackle values training with confidence.

By: Francis David

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Buy Different Toys for Kids with Different Characters

If your kid is restless and always move from here to there and from there to here, you can choose some static toys such as building blocks and DIY toys for kid to develop their intelligence so that they can be concentrated on something for a long time and learn to control their own behaviors. Gradually, their mobilized behaviors, to some degrees, can be corrected.

If your child is quiet and with withdrawn character, you can choose dynamic toys such as inertial cars and voice-activated toys for kid. When playing with cars, planes, tank and other, children would feel pleasure and self-confidence, and gradually form a lively and cheerful personality.

If your child is careless and impatient, creative toys such as paper molded toys may be the first choice for your kids. In the process of production, children would understand the relationship between things and develop the habits of loving reading books.

If your kid is dissocial and do not want contact with others, you can choose toys that played in water to make kids participate in the group games. Step by step, children get to know the relationship between themselves and others.

Parents should plan to use non-specialized toys such as sticks, buttons, rubber cement, ropes and other to let children play freely. In the playing process, parents should give kids some guidance on how to grasp these materials’ characteristics and learn to use these materials’ basic skills. On this basis, parents should guide their children to assemble materials in hands so that they can be formed an entire object. Step by step, this playing game would have topics and plots, confirmed by parents in beginning and then confirmed by themselves, in order to develop children’s creative ability. According to some evidences, such non-specialized toys play an important and even unexpected role of developing children’s character.

After the game, parents should supervise their children to pick up the toys, which can develop a good habit of tiding things orderly. When tiding toys, parents should ask children to complete tasks with the fastest speed and the most reasonable arrangement, which has a direct influence on forming a good learning habit.

Mad About Manga Review - How To Draw Any Manga Character You Want

With advanced computer technology, it has never been easier for any aspiring artist to get drawing lessons. Many manga-ka, the Japanese term with regard to manga artists, offer drawing tutorials in the manga style on their personal websites. Some such lessons are absolutely free while others charge fees for higher help and critiques. College art departments may offer manga drawing lessons as another option.

Evaluate your purpose meant for drawing lessons to determine the kind of lessons you want to look at. If you want to learn manga for your own enrichment and have reduced time and resources, a free tutorial could be the route to take. Look at books about manga drawing in the local public library. This can give you some background in the art, as well as a few basic lessons in drawing manga characters.

Call your local higher education or university's art unit or browse a course catalog to uncover whether it offers manga types.

If you are thinking about becoming a serious manga artist and have a background with art, you may benefit from some art and art-history classes.

Go to a manga national gathering, such as MangaNEXT, to learn about opportunities to look at drawing classes. Gather the materials you require for your drawing instructional classes. You will need some table large enough to hold on to your supplies. Purchase pencils, paper, erasers and pencil sharpeners.

Get started your courses in manga drawing with an open mind. Know that for most people, drawing does not can come easily, and it may take time before you are pleased with the way your fine art looks.

Be open to constructive criticism from your teachers.

Now, let’s talk about Mad About Manga from Malcolm Matheson and how it might help you. I really hope this simple Mad About Manga Review will aid you to differentiate whether Mad About Manga is Scam or perhaps a Genuine.

You're about to know how to draw any manga character you would like, AND make him or her come to life through the use of their facial expressions, body movement, eyes, hands, hair, clothing, and more! Discover exactly how to help you draw males and female Manga characters, young and old, with perfect eyes, noses, ears and mouths so you can have complete control over your character's personality! When drawing Manga big eyes, did you know you can find 8 crucial elements that all play a role in creating the emotion and mood of a character?

Slight line adjustments could possibly be difference between an offended villian or an harmless child. Manga hair is drawn in many different different ways, however the general phenomena is BIG! Hair plays a crucial role in defining a character and ought to be done well. You will also learn advanced cartooning techniques for developing multiple Manga Characters like Swordsman, Ninja's, Princesses, Martial Artists, Modern day Villians, Regular Boys and Young girls, Sci Fi characters even more.

Remarkable Relation between Color and Character

Have you ever raised a question whether colors you like are strongly related to your character? Though there is no obvious scientific evidence proving the relation between them, you might once hear that colors you tend to choose for clothing and something else hugely depend on your character as well as mood and state of mind.

According to many psychologists, colors for clothing an individual chooses are significantly influenced by his/ her character and mood so much, not only for fashion trend reasons.

For example, if you like red color, you are active, energetic, passionate and cheerful. But, you can be hot-tempered. However, you are reserved and sometimes shy and tend to look for those who can protect you from environment in the case your favorite is black color.

As for those who love yellow color, they are optimistic, sociable and light-headed people, they tend to be highly appreciated by their wittiness and sense of humor.

Now, let's see the remarkable relation between color and character.


Yellow color

You are an optimistic, sociable and light-headed person. People tend to highly appreciate your wittiness and sense of humor


Pink color

You are very feminine, mild, tender and sensitive person. Particularly, you always desire romantic feelings


Red color

You are active, energetic, passionate and cheerful. But, you can be hot-tempered


Green color

You are hardworking, balanced, confident and reasonable. Career is more important for you than love and romanticism


Blue color

You like stability and calmness in relationship much more than frequent changes and passionate impulses


Violet color

You are a creative people. Besides, you also appreciate beauty, exquisiteness and sophistication


Black color

You are reserved and sometimes shy. You dislike attention and tend to look for those who can protect you from environment


Orange color

You are joyous, emotional, sincere and amorous


White color

You are a dreamer, like lightness and loftiness


The Color Pink: One of The Colors in Remarkable Relation between Color and Character

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