An excellent character, Shibley Rahman

Shibley Rahman was born on June 18th, 1974 in London. He's an instructional, entrepreneur and neuroscientist. He is a trainer of distance learning. He has experience within the neuropsychology of neurodegeneration. He has also interests on the whole drugs, legislation of mental property, ethics and spreading awareness on incapacity issues. His father was a profitable common practitioner who practiced close to Brighton for about thirty years. He was awarded Queen's Scholar at a school in London named Westminster. He studied Medical and Veterinary Sciences in the University of Cambridge and secured the second highest marks and top quality honors degree.

He was also awarded a scholarship by his University. He accomplished medical coaching and the M.B./PhD. course on cognitive deficits in the dementias. He passed the examination in Royal School of Physicians and became life help provider in cardiac arrests. He developed curiosity in neurology on an early stage in his training. In his analysis he found that Methylphenidate can ameliorate threat-taking abnormal habits and Paroxetine does not improve the symptoms in front temporal dementia.

Shibley Rahman was suffering from an alcohol syndrome and has also been treated for meningitis. He was efficiently resuscitated by a cardiac arrest and is in a technique of recovery from alcoholism. He was elected for the encouragement in the Commerce, Arts and Entrepreneurship by the Royal Society. He was also elected for membership within the Society of Biology in London where the members are required to have a postgraduate diploma in Organic Science. He's also a member of European Medical Writers Association and has written two books on medical education.

He was the director of an web based mostly company and a member of the Institute of Directors and European Medical Writers' Association. His key interest from his research has been the behavior of entrance temporal dementia. He was active in social media and a supporter of UK Labour Party. He is very fascinated by neuroethics and a member of the World Neuroethics Society.

A personal success of Shibley Rahman in recovery from alcoholism and severe illness is an inspiration for others. He explains that the professional body should support the sick doctors. He's a lot motivated by research in dementia. His seminal paper can be found on the Brain website. He post research information on dementia and provide reviews on books and movies associated to dementia. He is the Director of the corporate Legislation and Drugs Restricted. He enjoys cooking also and love each old and new films. He is about to commence a full time two-year MBA in London. He has an incredible character that conjures up and motivates others to work for the welfare of the society.