21st century education

Education is one of the most crucial aspects of a human being. Education is best defined as learning which has significant outcomes on the aptitude level of the individual, help in formation of individual character and somatic ability either child or adult or behavioral conduct between two or more human beings. The notion of 21st century education may be a nonfigurative and an inventive idea till now.  The perceptual experiences of the entities are still having a confidence or faith in previous century’s process of learning, although, modern technologies have done spellbound wonderments.  Therefore the main objective of this education is to alter the older learning and perceptions.  A common belief regarding the education is that if anyone wants to reach zenith of the success he should possess modern education.  This kind of education symbolizes a new movement and a prospect.

There are few points to be considered about what kind of cognition approach and abilities will offer more aid to the learners in the near future:-

• Education emphasizing technical or professional training will provide more opportunities to reach the zenith of the success.

• Enhance the student’s skills that have more interests towards traditional subjects like math, language art, science etc.

For instance, introducing advanced mathematics’ courses.

• Simultaneously, to procure success in both the terms i.e.in their personal lives and in the professional lives, students must be aware about how to utilize what they have acquired while education process and how to deal with actual challenges of the world. etc

The various skills involved in 21st century education is learned in the course of our program of study, which is characterized by participation of two or more fields of study, unified, task-based etc. The characteristics of 21st century education are problem solving & critical thinking; association around the networks; legerity and adaptableness; initiatory and enterprising; efficacious spoken and Written Communication; retrieving and evaluating information and imagination & curiosity. Automation, Globalization, corporate changes, demographics and risk and responsibilities are the major forces which reshape the skills of the individual.

In 21st century the definitions of school, teacher and students has been changed. Schools in 21st century have been moved forward from building to informational center, involving two way communications between teachers & learners. Role of teacher has been alters from information supplier to developing thinking process of a student’s. By using 21st century education techniques student of 21st century develop the interests in education and come to know how to turn the acquired knowledge into wisdom.