Know The Characters Who Make You Want To Watch Alias Episodes

Whether you watch Alias episodes online or used to enjoy it regularly when it used to air on television, there is no way that you did not fall in love with the characters. This would have been so because each of the actors in the show did a fantastic job at portraying the characters they were assigned. They not only breathed life into the characters, but also made sure that they were believable, without compromising on their being "incredible".

This write-up tends to take a quick look at all the major players of the Alias episodes, and will certainly educate you a little bit more about the actors and characters that you have loved to watch all these years.

Sydney Bristow played by Jennifer Garner is an English graduate student in the city of Los Angeles, but she also plays the role of a covert operative for SD-6. While she think that SD-6 is a branch of the CIA, she finds out much later that this is actually a branch of Alliance of Twelve, a criminal organization that is international. To take revenge of her fianc"s murder, she eventually becomes a double agent, for the actual CIA. Watch Alias episodes to witness Sydney in action!

Jack Bristow is a character brought to life on screen by the talented Victor Garber. Jack is Sydney's father who is highly trained and skilled at what he does "" being an operative for SD-6, while being a double agent for CIA. When his wife, Sydney"s mother died, he was unable to take the loss and kept his own daughter at a distance for quite some time.

For those of you who download Alias episodes on a regular basis, Michael Vaughn would not be a new name. Played by Michael Vartan, this character is not only Sydney"s handler at the CIA, but also goes on to become the love of her life, later on. It is a mutual attraction between them both, that leads to the eventual relationship. However, we do find out that their meeting was not all coincidental.

Download Alias and you will get to meet two of Sydney"s best friends; people she trusts the most, and the ones who are willing to lay down their lives for her. Will Tippin (played by Bradley Cooper) and Francie Calfo (played by Merrin Dungey) are these two best friends. While Will is a journalist for a local newspaper, Francie drops out of college to open a restaurant of her own. Will becomes an analyst for the CIA, and Francie"s identity is stolen by a doppelganger.

Enjoy Alias and all the interludes of the show to see all these characters in action and learn more about them.

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