Character Costumes

Have you ever been to a fancy dress party? Well if you have you will know what Character Costumes are, they are a form of dress that give you the appearance of a different character. Fancy dress is very popular nowadays and a lot of people do it just for fun, others for stag do's and birthdays and some for work as promotions.

Due to the demand in costumes companies are always trying to come up with new ideas and new characters, you can even find costumes of your most loved Television, Film or Game characters.

A lot of work goes into these outfits and because of that fact they can be expensive to purchase outright, that is why a lot of companies offer a hire service so you can rent the costume you like for a set period of time, when you have finished with it you must return it so it can then be cleaned and rented out to another person.

Another slightly different use for Character Costumes is Mascots, the world of sport can often involve a well known figure that represents a certain team, this is the mascot (very popular in the US) a designated person will wear a costume of a character (the character will always be the same and will differ between team) before a game the mascot usually come on to the field and gives a little performance, sometimes a comedy performance or maybe a dance.

Their purpose is to get the crowd going and cheering before the team comes onto the pitch.

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