Educational Toys on Children Character Development

Psychologists tell us that the form of intellectual activity of children reflects on the performance of physical activity first, while the external body movements accelerate the interior mental development. Main body movements of children reflect in the process of playing, during which they learn to observe, think and manage, meanwhile, their feeling, behavior, emotion, language and intelligence have been developed.

The neonatal baby with 12 months is in the rapid development period of various sensory abilities. Parents should select toys which can promote the visual, auditory and tactile development of babies, and use mobile toys to practice their movement perception. Early childhood between 3 to 6 years old is in an egocentric period, care about self ability, like to question, good at imitation and establish a preliminary concept in varieties of specific operating activities, which is a critical period of psychological development.

Toys selected should exercise large muscle movement, stimulate imagination, cultivate compassion, satisfy imitating desire and develop language expression ability, such as action toys, intellectual toys, language toys and musical toys. Children between 6 to 12 years old shift from self-centered to pay attention to others, have sense of community, learn to cooperate with others, and have a rapid development in imagination and logical ability. Select toys in team work and add books and science toys.

Static toys correct ADHD. Some children are naughty and restless, selecting building blocks, inserted plates, and assembly puzzle toys for them, which can draw their attention, help to overcome bad habits of impatience and restless, benefit to healthy development of their physical and mental.

Dynamic toys correct eccentric character. Some children are silent and unsocial by nature. Dynamic clockwork, inertial electric toys having fresh color, music and light are good choice for them. Running after moving car, tank or flying plane, shouting in the sound and music of toys, playing with partners in team work, consciously leading him to speak and communicate, all above will gradually change a lonely child to a lively one.

Hands-on toys correct hasty temper. Some children has a hasty temper and careless in doing things. Handmade paper, wood or cloth toys could practice hands-on ability and develop a good patient and meticulous character.