Character Education Teaches the Key of Play to Realize your Dreams

There is one certain way you can make yourself feel better about any subject in your life, and that is to create games with your imagination, and play. Playing is fun. So, whenever you play, you feel really good. At some point, we stopped playing and having fun like we did as children, with the result that as we became adults, we became more serious about life. But seriousness brings serious circumstances into your life. When you play and have fun, you feel really good, and – voila – really good circumstances come into your life.

Life is assumed to be fun. Play with the law of attraction, invent games with your imagination, because the law of attraction does not know or care if you are imagining and playing, or if it real. Whatever you give in imagination and feeling will become real!

How do you play? You do the same thing as you did when you were a child, and you use your imagination to create make-believe games.

Let's imagine you are a cyclist and you want to become the best cyclist in the world and win the Tour de France. Your training is going well and you have your dream in your sights, but you are diagnosed with a disease and given a 40 percent chance to survive. While having treatment, you imagine you are riding in the Tour de France and it is the race of your life. You imagine the medical staff is your training team giving you feedback at every checkpoint. Each day you imagine you're racing in a time trial, and your time is getting better and better! You win the race with your medical team and you overcome the disease. One year after you win back your health, you win the Tour de France, and you continue to win it seven years in a row, becoming the only cyclist in history to achieve that! Let's take another example.

Let's say you want to have the best-built body in the world, and you also want to become a famous actor in America. You live in a remote village in Europe and come from a family that has struggled financially, but still you imagine your dreams. You use a picture of your hero to sculpt your body, and you imagine wining the European title for the best-built body. You win the title seven times, and then it is time to become famous actor. You travel to America, but no one believes you are actor material, and they give you all the reasons why you will never achieve your dream. But you have imagined being a famous actor, and you can feel the success, you can taste it, and you know it will happen. This is what Arnold Schwarzenegger did when he won Mr. Olympia seven times and then became one of the biggest names in Hollywood.

Whatever it is you want, use your imagination, create games, and play. Lance Armstrong, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Nikola Tesla – all these people played with their imaginations and felt their dreams with all their heart. Their imaginings became so real to them; they could feel their dreams and know they would happen. It doesn't matter how far away your dream seems to you. It is close to you than anything in your life, because all the power to bring your dream to you is inside you! This is playing. This is fun. This is the joy of creating your life.

Academic instruction isn't the only responsibility teachers have in today's classrooms. More and more, teachers are being called on to teach students about values ... things like making good decisions, the showing of respect, taking responsibility, choosing friends, and having a positive attitude.  It's a responsibility that could be overwhelming, considering the limited hours available in a school day, the number of kids in the classroom, and the diversity of backgrounds and personalities each child represents.

Character Education by Just Do The Right Thing" is a practical and powerful tool that equips educators to tackle values training with confidence.

By: Francis David

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