Dragonball Characters - Bulma

Bulma is a fictional character in the Dragonball Series. Bulma is known for her flowing purple hair and her cranky and temperamental character. She would always be seen in the series making complains and would get extremely grumpy when things go wrong for her. Despite her controversial character, Bulma is very high intelligent and is good in inventing and repairing electronics. Bulma made her first appearance in the very first episode of Dragonball anime in 1986.

In that particular episode, Bulma was finding for a Dragonball using her self invented Dragonball radar and was driving her car when she accidentally knocked down Goku who was on his way home. Goku, who lives deep in the jungle and have never seen a car mistook the car for a monster and decided to destroy the car. Bulma was amazed of the boy's strength that she decided to bring along Goku in her quest to unite all the seven Dragonballs.

Bulma has a power level similar to a human being thus making her a non-fighting character in the series.

In the later part of the series, Bulma's role descended from a main to a secondary character. Initially, Bulma was seen to be fond of Yamtcha, who is another character of the series, however due to bizarre circumstances, she ended up marrying to Vegeta, in which she subsequently gave birth to a son, Trunks, and a daughter, Bulla.

It is known that throughout the entire Dragonball series, Bulma has changed her hairstyle about 17 times. Apart from her trademark purple hair, Bulma has also been seen in the series sporting a light blue hair.